Looking for Passover Recipes? Check in With 3 Local Bloggers


Three local food bloggers, Melody Elliott Koontz, Eileen Makishima Thornton and Shankari Easwaran, have been working their way for the last few months through the recipes of Marlena Spieler, a Sacramento native and world-renowned cookbook author. Specifically, they’ve been working on recipes from Spieler’s Jewish Cooking, a collection of more than 100 Jewish recipes from all over the world.

They’ve been featured in The Sacramento Bee, on the local networks, and at local restaurants. The whole project, called “Sundays With Marlena,” has not only highlighted the diversity and overall yumminess of Jewish food, but also the ethnic diversity in Sacramento. Three cooks whose ancestors came from India, Japan and Europe have found common ground in the food of a people whose history spread them all over the globe.

I urge you to check out Melly’s blog, Shankari’s blog and Eileen’s blog for great recipes, awesome stories, and great insight into all types of cooking. You can also go right to the source and check out Marlena Spieler’s books on Amazon, or check out her SF Chronicle column “Roving Feast.”