Kru: A Gluttonous Episode


The other evening, feeling peevish and bored (and ravenous), I drove to Kru restaurant and set about ordering a shocking number of items – despite the fact that I had just paid bills and my bank account was looking a bit dodgy. I needed some vibrant, interesting food to liven up my evening, and Kru delivered in spades. Highlights of the meal included a sesame oil-seared Wagyu beef, topped with a feisty mixture of ginger, garlic, chives and pink Hawaiian sea salt; and eye-rollingly delicious pork gyoza, served with an assertive ponzu sauce. The “Great White” sushi roll, stuffed with calamari tempura, was laden with avocado, scallops, and tobiko, then swathed in a just-hot-enough spicy cream sauce; and the melt-in-your-mouth, teeny grilled lamb chops were accompanied by an intriguing miso wine polenta. I can always count on Kru for inspiring, out-of-the-box Japanese fare, prepared with excellent ingredients. If you’re in need of an attitude adjustment (as I was), or simply yearning for some exciting food, head to Kru.

2516 J Street, Sacramento, (916) 551-1559;