It’s Time to Visit the Farmers Market


I went a little crazy at the farmers market yesterday – spring fever was in the air, and I gleefully joined the throngs of shoppers snapping up bunches of gorgeous asparagus, baskets of ripe strawberries, and bagfuls of fava beans. If you haven’t visited the farmers’ market this year, now is the time to go – you’ll still find some cold weather produce like an array of citrus fruits and a few varieties of apples; but the spring crops (I even saw some early cherries!) are now making their ebullient and colorful entrance. And produce isn’t the only thing available at the farmers’ market – many locations also offer cheese, olive oil, seafood and locally-raised meats. It’s well worth a trip to stock up your spring larder – not only is the farmers market a fun place to shop for wholesome food, but your purchases help support small local growers and producers.

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