It's Chile Verde Pasty Day in East Sacramento


If you live in East Sacramento, you’re probably a customer of the Pasty Shack, a neighborhood culinary gem. Teeny and unassuming, the shop cranks out warm, nourishing meal-in-one Cornish pasties beloved by local families, college students and famished sports teams. Enveloped in a delicate crust (the kitchen uses shortening – I asked) the pasties are packed with the filling of your choice – try the robust Bavarian (stuffed with ground beef, chopped red and white cabbage, bell peppers and onions) or the popular chile verde pasty (filled with chunks of pork, spicy chile verde sauce, cheese and refried beans), which is only available on Fridays. I scurried to the shop and picked up two chile verde pasties today, which I plan to serve for dinner tonight with a big green salad and cold bottles of beer.

4746 J Street, Sacramento, (916) 454-9630