Irish Suds and…Blood Sausage at de Vere’s


I’m pretty intrepid when it comes to food – I’m game to try just about anything. But blood sausage is one of those items I’ve managed to avoid in my decade of food writing. While living in Britain, I was offered this delicacy on many occasions, but I demurred – it simply sounded a little too icky. However, I have to thank de Vere’s Irish Pub for introducing me to blood sausage – I plowed through almost an entire patty of it yesterday before the waitress identified it for me. The sausage was included on the pub’s popular “Fry Up,” a full Irish breakfast with two fried eggs, Irish bacon (which sort of resembles Canadian bacon), sautéed mushrooms, baked tomato wedges and two other types of sausages. A curious, deep-purplish color (that should have been my clue), the sausage was shaped like a mini hockey puck and was surprisingly light in texture. Slapped on the kitchen’s hearty Irish brown soda bread and washed down with a lusty swig of Smithwick’s Irish ale, the sausage was pretty darned tasty. After the waitress told me what it was (with a twinkle in her eye), I paused a moment, then finished it off. Who knows – I might even order it again.

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