I Heart Pupusas


We have a good friend who has waxed poetic about pupusas for years, encouraging us to seek out a local pupuseria and indulge in this beloved and traditional El Salvadoran snack. The pupusa, a thick, disc-like corn tortilla (prepared from masa de maíz, a Latin American maize flour dough) is stuffed with a variety of delectable fillings – many of them involving cheese – and is grilled and often served up with a feisty, spicy cabbage slaw called curtido.

I had a lingering suspicion that the pupusa’s calorie count was sky-high, making the dish feel naughty and prohibitive. But Saturday night, a hot, cheesy, naughty pupusa suddenly sounded like the perfect pre-Valentine’s day treat. I raced to the nearest pupuseria I could find and ordered up a pair.

It was a rapturous experience. I savored each bite of the pork and cheese pupusa, rolling my eyes and curling my toes. Comforting, very flavorful and perfect with a frosty Negro Modelo beer, the pupusas were scary good. I ignored the sensation of cellulite gleefully building up on my thighs as I turned my gluttonous attention to the pupuseria’s shockingly greasy but addictive fried plantains, and plotted my next visit – after I’ve visited the gym a few dozen times.

La Flor Pupusas Grill, 2440 Fulton Ave, Sacramento, (916) 487-1549