Gourmet RIP


Local chefs were dismayed by the news earlier this week that Condé Nast has pulled the plug on Gourmet magazine. Here’s what some of them had to say:

Molly Hawks, Hawks Restaurant: “My chef de cuisine told me yesterday, and I was shocked. I remember watching my mom pull recipes out of Gourmet when I was a child. It’s really saddening. Michael (her husband and partner) and I looked at Gourmet—not for recipes, but to see what flavor combinations people are putting together.”

Michael Tuohy, Grange Restaurant: “It’s tragic. It’s an American icon. We all grew up with it. It’s hard to believe, actually.”

Randall Selland, Ella, The Kitchen, Selland’s Market-Cafe: “I find it odd. Gourmet is a really good, serious magazine. Bon Appetit is OK, but it’s not as serious about food. It’s all about personalities and celebrity chefs now. I guess people want to buy Rachael Ray’s magazine, not Gourmet.”

Biba Caggiano, Biba: “I’m very sad, because I’ve taken it for years and years. But I think it became too sophisticated under (editor) Ruth Reichl. The articles and the recipes are a little too long. The majority of people work, and they don’t have time to cook like that. They want simple food.”

Ginger Elizabeth, Ginger Elizabeth Chocolates: “It’s the end of an era. Obviously, the Internet had a lot to do with it. There are so many great food blogs now. I guess it’s time to move on.”