Fun with Salsa at !Ay Jalisco!


I popped into !Ay Jalisco! #2 in West Sacramento recently for the kitchen’s feisty Shrimp in Diablo Sauce. !Ay Jalisco! specializes in mariscos (seafood), and it’s a great place to try interesting items like the kitchen’s octopus in garlic sauce, deep-fried whole fish and grilled shrimp tacos. But the best reason to visit may be its extensive selection of salsas, which range from the mild pico de gallo and avocado salsa to a tongue-blistering (or so they tell me) extra-hot salsa that, frankly, I am too afraid to try. This friendly taqueria also has an appealing menu of tortas (Mexican sandwiches) and combo plates.

900 Jefferson Boulevard, Suite 130, West Sacramento, (916) 372-7116