For Dinner Tonight: Make Your Own Grilled Pizza


Memorial Day weekend is the official start of grilling season at my home.  So last night, I fired up the Weber and made one of my favorite summer meals: grilled pizza. It’s super-easy. I use readymade pizza dough from Trader Joe’s. (It’s in the refrigerated section, near the prepared sandwiches and salads.) I divide the dough into small four balls, roll each ball out to form a circle and place them on an oiled cookie sheet.  Then I toss the rounds onto a very hot grill and bake them for about 2 minutes, until the grilled side is golden-brown. (It gets nice and crisp, with lovely grill marks.) Then I flip the rounds and top the grilled side with grated mozzarella. Another two minutes on the grill and the pizza is ready. Serve the grilled pizza with whatever toppings you like. Last night, I chopped up some fresh tomatoes and added chopped garlic, fresh basil, olive oil, salt and pepper. It’s fresh and delicious—the essence of summer eating.