Foodie Art: A Feast For the Eyes


Second Saturday is all about the art, so maybe I shouldn’t have been surprised that I found the evening’s most tantalizing food on a gallery wall. Succulent apricots, orange Hostess Cupcakes (with the signature white squiggle) and a lone, beautiful banana were among the 50 food items lusciously captured by artist Lareina Lynn Holsopple as part of the 20th Street Gallery’s annual 50-50 Show. Each little piece is a mouth-watering treasure, though the crowd was so thick at Saturday’s event that only the most tenacious (pushy?) got a good look. Those who crave a more civilized viewing (including me) are planning to return on a quieter day. The show, which features 50 tiny tile-sized works by more than 50 artists, closes May 30.

20th Street Art Gallery is at 911 20th St., Sacramento. For more information: or (916) 930-0500.