Food Gems Made in Sacramento


We are lucky to live in such a vibrant, food-centered region. In addition to our lively restaurant and agricultural landscape, there are many small food and beverage artisans producing some very intriguing and tasty products. Try any of these five.

Sima’s Preserves
Iranian-born Sima Rashidy produces a palette of complexly-flavored, vivacious preserves guaranteed to wake up your jaded taste buds. Smear her fragrant, floral rose petal jam on your morning toast, or dollop some of her litteh (eggplant relish) on your next home made pizza or baked potato. From Sima’s torshi (pickled mixed vegetables) and fig marmalade to her garnet-hued pomegranate vinaigrette, these Rancho Cordova-crafted, Middle Eastern-inspired products will add a true zing to your dining repertoire.
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Terra di Toscana Pasta Sauces
Thick and robust, Terra di Toscana pasta sauces are produced by a local family, the Del Guerras. Recipes for the sauces come directly from Alex Del Guerra’s Italian-born mother, Edda. Prepared from San Marzano tomatoes grown in the Sacramento Valley, the sauces are made in small batches and are rich and bold in flavor. Don’t miss the scrumptious Sugo di Pomodoro con Porcini or the Pommarola Piccante, made with Italian hot red peppers.
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Bariani Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Extracted from a blend of Manzanillo and Mission olives, locally produced Bariani olive oil is unfiltered and absolutely delicious. The stunning yellow-green oil is sweet and fruity, with a pungent punch that makes it terrific for bread-sopping, as a flavorful component of vinaigrettes, or as a drizzle for roasted (or fresh) vegetables.
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Rail Bridge Cellars Wine
Jon Affonso is a maverick—he operates a full-production winery in the heart of downtown Sacramento. Don’t miss his luscious, dynamic red blend, “Lattice,” composed of (primarily) Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Cabernet Franc, Malbec and Petit Verdot. This wine would be dreamy with a grilled rib eye steak or braised short ribs.
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The Sacramento Cookie
Crunchy, crispy and light, the wafer-like Sacramento cookie is delicately sweet and very distinctive. Based on a famous old spa resort recipe from the Czech Republic, the cinnamon and hazelnut-flavored cookie is hand crafted, baked, aged (really!) and stuffed with an all-natural creamy filling before it’s sold. Other crackly delights produced by the Sacramento Cookie Factory include lemon-vanilla-almond and mocha-chocolate “wine wafers.”
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