Five Reasons to Shop at the Co-op


The Sacramento Natural Foods Co-op can be a quirky place to shop, but it’s one of my favorite spots in town to pick up groceries.  And while Safeway and Albertsons might be closer to my house, there are many reasons I travel the extra distance to this community treasure. Here’s five of them:

1.)  Much of the Co-op’s (all-organic) produce is sourced from local, small family farms – wouldn’t you rather sink your teeth into super-fresh, just-plucked peach than one that’s been shipped across the country (or world)?

2.)  The bulk section is fabulous – if you’re looking for a particular nut, grain, flour, cereal, trail mix or dried fruit, it’s probably at the back of the store in a big bin. Just scoop out the amount you want.

3.)  The store offers a tasty array of wholesome goodies for your kids, from organic mac ‘n cheese and cookies to maple oatmeal and fruit chews.

4.)  The pre-prepared food section is great, especially the hot buffet line (don’t miss the robust turkey meatballs – my family loves ‘em).

5.)  Grocery items are free from genetically engineered ingredients and synthetic additives; and even folks with special diet restrictions (wheat-free, sugar-free, dairy-free, salt-free, vegan) can find healthy fare for themselves and their families.

(…and a sixth reason to visit the Co-op, suggests my seven year old daughter, is the fact that the store has kid-sized shopping carts available for their young customers, who – I should point out – don’t necessarily have the navigational skills of their parents. So watch out!)

1900 Alhambra Boulevard, Sacramento, (916) 455-2667;