First He Wrote About Chefs; Now He Is One


Following a five-week baking internship at Grange Restaurant, local food blogger Garrett McCord has decided to go into the baking business for good. On Nov. 8, he begins work as an assistant pastry chef at Esther’s Cupcakes on Fair Oaks Boulevard. “When I started the internship, I had no aspirations to become a baker,” said McCord, who simply wanted kitchen experience in order to become a better food writer. “Five weeks later, I completely changed my mind. I really, really, really enjoyed it.” The 27-year-old McCord, who recently gave two weeks’ notice at his full-time office job, said he’s taking “a bit of a pay cut” to pursue his passion for pastry. “I’m excited and a little bit scared,” he said. “But I think I’m going to be much happier.” He’ll work 32 hours a week at the upscale cupcake shop, which will give him time to do some writing as well. (Currently getting a master’s in English composition at Sac State, he’s writing his thesis on the rhetoric of the slow food movement.) To read more about McCord’s baking internship, go to his blog,