Feeling Harried? Get it To Go


Let’s face it – some nights, the thought of cooking dinner seems totally overwhelming. But I don’t beat myself up when I’m too tired, grumpy or stressed-out to produce a big meal for my family – I buy pre-prepared food instead. Call me lazy, but if this method allows me 20 more minutes with my kids (or the opportunity to take a nice, long bubble bath) – then I feel perfectly justified.

Sometimes I call ahead to a favorite restaurant and order dinner to go; or I may stop at the Sacramento Natural Foods Co-op (did you know they have a hot buffet line?) or a nearby Nugget Market (the stores have a large section of pre-prepared dishes – don’t miss the dense, delicious salmon cakes or black rice salad). But when I’m feeling flush, I visit Selland’s Market-Café, a veritable cornucopia of tasty treats. From meatloaf and crusty macaroni and cheese to chicken enchiladas, a colorful array of appetizers and the most delicious roasted Brussels sprouts I’ve ever encountered (plus a great wine selection), this is an upscale one-stop-dinner-shop. The food ain’t cheap, but it’s well worth the occasional indulgence.

Sacramento Natural Foods Co-op:  www.sacfoodcoop.com
Nugget Markets:  www.nuggetmarket.com
Sellands Market-Café:  www.thekitchenrestaurant.com/sellands/index.html