Downtown Street Cart Puts the Vegan in Fast Food


Vegan food served from a hotdog cart: How’s that for cognitive dissonance? For the past month, Sacramentans Stuart Campbell and Stephanie Allen have been selling vegetarian rice bowls to the downtown lunch crowd from a street cart at the southwest corner of 8th and I streets.

The pair won the right to operate a food cart earlier this year in a city lottery. Every weekday from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m., they serve vegan fare out of a gleaming stainless-steel cart (“the Cadillac of hotdog carts,” according to Campbell) with a green umbrella and bright-yellow signage. The food comes from Au Lac Veggie Cafe in Oak Park.

The menu is simple. There’s a Veggie Rice Bowl (brown rice, mixed vegetables and marinated soy “chicken”) and a weekly special: This week’s was Coconut Curry; next week’s is kung pao soy “chicken.” The bowls cost $6.50 and are dished up in biocompostable containers.

The cart caters to workers at the nearby courthouse, CalEPA building and other state agencies.

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