Craving Soup? Visit Hawks in Granite Bay


Crafting a great soup takes real skill, and Hawks restaurant in Granite Bay consistently cranks out some of the best soups I’ve tried in the region. Recently, I slurped up a bowl of the restaurant’s exquisite wild mushroom soup – creamy, intensely flavored, and earthily comforting – that was garnished with a festive, vivacious zig-zag of sherry gastrique and sprinkled with crunchy fried shallots. I paired the soup with the kitchen’s beautiful salt-roasted beet salad, enlivened with peppery watercress and crunchy Marcona almonds.

Note: Hawks will offer a hands-on cooking class on Saturday, March 19th focusing on vinaigrettes, boning and grilling trout, basic tart dough and fillings, and bread pudding. For more information, call 791-6221.