Craving Pizza? Head to Tuli Bistro


A great admirer of Tuli Bistro’s pasta and seafood dishes, I often forget that this friendly neighborhood establishment also cranks out excellent wood oven-baked pizzas. I was reminded of this fact a few nights ago when a Tuli chef very graciously made my 8-year-old daughter a custom pepperoni pizza (it wasn’t on the menu that night) The pizza was so good that I migrated from my dinner and started nibbling on my daughter’s pizza, much to her irritation. In fact, I ate so much of it that I then let her order a big slice of Tuli’s super-yummy banana cream pie (which I also ate part of). I’m lucky to have such a patient and forgiving daughter – but next time I’d better order my own pizza.

2031 S Street, Sacramento, (916) 451-8854;