Covering the Farm on Foot


In my off-farm work at The Citizen, I have what you would call a desk job. I work in an office and spend a good portion of my day on the phone and at my computer. Although I spend plenty of time at my desk, I do walk around, talking to other employees, checking on groups in house or chatting with guests in the restaurant. A few years ago, I decided to wear a pedometer to work for a month or so to get an idea of how much I actually walk and I was shocked at the results. I walked an average of 3 ½ miles each day—just at work! I doubt many people would volunteer to do a 5k at work every day—in 3-inch heels!

Not surprisingly, I do a good deal of walking on the farm as well. Instead of routine walks around the hotel to talk with coworkers and guests, I go on walks to look for a tool that has been left somewhere else on the property after working on some other project. Yesterday I looked for a rake for thirty minutes. Through three buildings, up a hill, down a hill and through the backyard I looked for one of the two rakes that we had only just used earlier in the week. If I were in the office looking for a stapler, I would have just shouted from my office, “Does anyone have a stapler?” and just like that, I’d have a stapler to use.

However, on my rake-hunting walk yesterday, with my parent’s dog as my shadow, we crossed paths with three deer, no doubt on their afternoon walk to eat the ripe mulberries in the front yard; inspected the new lavender plants, inhaling the scent of their soothing fragrant foliage; and paused at the top of the hill to watch the bees zooming in and out of their hive on their foraging trips to and from the blackberries that are in full bloom. Ultimately, if the rake had been a snake, it would have reached out and bit me—I walked right past it at least twice. But if the rake had been as handy as my office supplies at work, I would have missed out on a really nice walk.

Amy Dempster is director of sales at The Citizen Hotel, a Joie de Vivre Hotel. You can find more information about her The Lamm Farm here.