Colorful Treats at AB Indian Sweets & Catering


I stopped into AB Indian Sweets & Catering recently to pick up a container of gulab jamun – crusty deep-fried dumplings soaked in a rose-flavored syrup – but decided on a chunk of the shop’s caramel-colored burfi instead. Burfi (also spelled “burfee” or “barfi”), a delicious Indian sweet prepared from condensed milk, has a crumbly-soft texture and comes in a wide variety of flavors. AB Indian Sweets & Catering has quite an array for sale, from chocolate and almond to strawberry, in addition to a selection of other interesting Indian confections. The establishment also has seating and a full menu – don’t miss the kitchen’s outstanding, fragrant channa masala (spicy chickpea stew).

7837 Stockton Boulevard, Suite 200, Sacramento, (916) 681-6950