Christmas Tree Shopping in Apple Hill: The Foodie Perks


We spent a lazy day meandering around Apple Hill last weekend, stopping at Christmas tree lots and watching families squabble companionably about what constitutes the perfect-shaped and –sized tree. Shoppers squelched through the mud and tentatively wielded sharp, scary-looking axes to cut down their live trees, then firmly tied the fragrant, woody perennials to their cars and blasted off to begin the Christmas holiday in style. However, I soon realized that there’s more to Apple Hill in December than just Christmas trees. Some of the ranches are still open, selling late-season produce like apples, pears and winter squash – and then there’s the Fudge Kitchen at Honey Bear Ranch, where we picked up a tasty, sturdy block of freshly-made chocolate-walnut fudge, which was gleefully (and entirely) consumed on the trip home.

Honey Bear Ranch:
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