Check Out This Other Local Food Blog


I got a tip from a reader to check out, a food blog written by Davis resident Cathy Pollak. “Myself and like a million other people who visit her blog are so entertained by her,” wrote Dawn Sanger. “She’s the first place I log on to in the morning.”

Thanks for the tip, Dawn. You’re right: This is one righteous food blog. Pollak is a food lover who writes daily about what she calls her “kitchen adventures.” She’s also a food photographer for Davis Life Magazine, and her blogs include stunning photos of the dishes she makes (including step-by-step pix of the cooking process). In recent blogs, Pollak rhapsodizes about making ricotta cappuccino, bacon-veggie pizza, individual grape and Vin Santo cakes, and couscous fruit salad. The fruit salad looks so good, I’m going to make it myself for a bridal shower I’m hosting this weekend.