Check It Out: West Sac's Vientiane Restaurant


 With so many wonderful Thai restaurants in Sacramento, I don’t often think to venture outside of town when hit with a hankering for som tum or pad kee mow. But occasionally I will remember teeny little Vientiane Restaurant, located in a little strip mall right beside a freeway entrance in West Sacramento. Specializing in Thai and Laotian cuisine, this dynamic little spot offers some intriguing menu items you might not find at your favorite Thai restaurant.

 I had a dazzling lunch there recently which included the very popular garlic quail, which is deep-fried to a mahogany brown and lavished with black pepper and garlic; a beautiful silver noodle salad, enlivened with fresh lime juice and chili paste and punctuated with bits of ground pork, fat shrimp and cilantro; and the refreshing Lao spring rolls, crammed full of fresh lettuce, chicken and rice noodles, and served up with an enticing sweet lemon sauce.


1001 Jefferson Boulevard, Suite 600, West Sacramento, (916) 373-1556