Check it Out: Chocolate Fish Coffee


I visited a cute little spot recently called Chocolate Fish Coffee, located on the corner of 3rd and Q streets downtown. It characterizes itself as an “authentic New Zealand style coffee house,” but the only hint of foreign-ness I could discern was a couple of coffee drinks with curious names – the Long Black is what we Sacramentans call an Americano; the Flat White is a “short version” of a latte, served in a smaller cup. Otherwise, it felt pretty Californian to me, filled with earnestly chatting friends, people sipping macchiatos while staring into computer screens; and folks at outside tables lounging happily in the sun while nibbling on Chocolate Fish’s pastries. I had an excellent chai tea and a crispy, plate-sized peanut butter cookie. * Note: This is a cheery place to stop in for a cup of coffee after a tour of the newly renovated Crocker Art Museum.