Chasing Memories at Tuli Bistro


A year ago, my husband ate a tuna sandwich at Tuli Bistro that rocked his world. He’s dropped a number of pointed comments throughout the year designed to steer us back to Tuli for another dining experience – “Yep, this is a good tuna sandwich,” he’d say politely at another restaurant, “But it can’t hold a candle to Tuli’s.” With my busy review schedule, I’ve ignored his comments. But yesterday, we were in a celebratory mood, and I suggested we revisit Tuli so he could finally get his tuna fix. You can probably guess what happened – his rock-your-world sandwich was no longer on the menu. I felt terrible. But true to his gracious nature, he rose above his disappointment (or at least pretended to) and ordered a Po’ Boy sandwich and a cup of tortilla soup. While lacking the star quality of the tuna, the Po’Boy, stuffed with a tangy, juicy Southern slaw, battered and deep-fried prawns and a fantastic (and spicy) chipotle Remoulade sauce, was pretty darned delicious. However, the tortilla soup knocked our socks off – earthy and complex, the tomato-based soup cradled perfectly cubed chunks of avocado and a custardy queso casero cheese, and was sprinkled with crunchy strips of fried tortilla and sprigs of cilantro. We guzzled the soup in minutes, relishing every mouthful. Tuna sandwich forgotten, we vowed to return – soon – for another bowl, before the kitchen has a chance to take it off the menu.

Tuli Bistro, 2031 S Street, Sacramento, (916) 451-8854;