Carmita's Israeli Plate: Great Summer Fare


It’s hard to believe that Sacramento’s hot season is right around the corner. But when that sweltering summer heat hits, we’ll all be seeking out meals that are refreshing and light. That’s the time to visit cozy little Carmita restaurant, buried in the Quail Pointe shopping center in Fair Oaks. This unique eatery features Mediterranean-inspired kosher vegetarian cuisine, and the dishes shine with clean, vivacious flavors. When it’s too hot to move, order Carmita’s colorful and entertaining Israeli Plate, covered with teeny, invigorating nibbles. I especially like the deeply nutty, complex tahini sauce, drizzled with olive oil; the spicy-crunchy carrot coins; and the custardy-soft, delectable fried eggplant. Served up with Carmita’s warm, herb-encrusted pita bread, this is a perfect summer meal. *Note: don’t miss the restaurant’s Moroccan fresh mint tea.

5349 Sunrise Boulevard, Fair Oaks, (916) 967-1976;