Café Morocco: A Post-Thanksgiving Treat?


I know, your thoughts are full of roasted turkey recipes, worries about the size of your kitchen and where you’re possibly going to fit in that kids’ dining table – but eventually you’ll recover from Thanksgiving fever. That’s when your overly sweet-potato’ed tummy will plead for something completely different – like creamy eggplant baba ganooj and lamb shish kabob. Then it’s time to visit friendly little Café Morocco in East Sacramento, whose Mediterranean fare will revitalize your tired, turkey-laden palate. Try the restaurant’s terrific Chicken Tagine – chicken marinated in cilantro and Moroccan spices, then sautéed with artichokes, potato chunks and olives; and the humus dip – garbanzo beans pureed with sesame paste, garlic, and lemon, and topped with a delectable pool of fruity olive oil – is sure to perk up those flagging taste buds.

1221 Alhambra Boulevard, Sacramento, (916) 731-4637