Cache Creek Meat Co. Chickens: Worth Seeking Out


On a whim, I recently picked up a Cache Creek Meat Co. whole chicken at the farmers market. I had heard wonderful things about the farm’s poultry, which are pasture-raised in Yolo County and – according to a flyer I picked up – “eat bugs, grass and see the sun all day, every day.” I figured Cache Creek’s feathery herd was far cheerier than your average go-to-market chickens, and I wondered if their frolicsome days reveling in the sun translated into a better-tasting bird. It turns out that (at least in my opinion) a happy chicken definitely tastes better: the roasted meat was significantly more flavorful than the plastic-wrapped chicken I find in my local grocery store.

It takes a little effort to locate these delicious chickens, but they’re worth it. Grocery stores that carry Cache Creek Meat Co. chickens include Corti Brothers and Taylor’s Market; and you can also find them at a handful of local farmers’ markets. See the company’s website for details.