Burgers & Brew Does Wine Right, Too


I ate at the new Burgers & Brew on R Street Saturday night and got a pleasant surprise when I opened the menu to the wine page. This burger joint offers 3-ounce pours on all of its wines by the glass—about 30 of them. What a treat. I ordered a taste of Tu Tu Pinot Grigio, while my husband got a taste of the Dr. Fischer Riesling.

Why don’t more restaurants do this? It’s really nice to be able to try a wine without having to commit to a 6-ounce glass. And sometimes you just don’t want a whole glass of wine—a little taste will do. (I find this especially so when I’ve finished my glass of wine before I’m done with my meal. I crave just a little bit more to go with my last few bites of food.)

That 3-ouncer was just the right amount for my husband. Me? I ended up ordering a second pour.