Burgers and Pizza: Just a Couple of Overhyped Trends?


Grub Street, New York Magazine’s excellent food blog, recently asked 11 dining experts to weigh in on the state of the restaurant industry. Asked what current food trend least deserves its attending hype, food blogger Regina Schrambling said burgers: “It’s out of control. It’s like chefs are retreating to the nursery or the fallout shelter in scary times. The greatest burger in the world is never going to be the revelation a fully and artfully conceived dish would be.” For Food & Wine restaurant editor Kate Krader, pizza is so last year. “Pizza can’t go for one more minute,” she snarked. Other trends that have reached the end of their shelf life, according to the experts: cupcakes, cocktail programs, beer pairings, lounge restaurants and faux speakeasies.

Sound familiar, Sacramento? These are all trends that have hit our region in the past 12 months. So enjoy them while they last—something new is sure to take their place soon.