Bakery Set to Open in Midtown


Midtown is set to get a high-end bakery early next year. Trey Luzzi, who worked for Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger as a director for the Department of Corrections, plans to open Trey B Cakes Gourmet Bakery and Eatery at 1801 L Street, next door to Ginger Elizabeth Chocolates. The 1,500-square-foot space, once home to the Freddric Bradford gift shop and a Sacramento Kings outlet, will be a retail bakery with indoor and outdoor seating. In addition to cakes, pies, tortes and cookies, Luzzi says he’ll serve breakfast sandwiches in the mornings, plus steak and chicken sandwiches late on Friday and Saturday evenings for the Lavender Heights club crowd. Luzzi’s food bona fides: He worked as a prep cook for Kurt Spataro when he was just 14, and he’s done just about every kitchen job since, including waiter, dishwasher and janitor. Construction on the space begins this month; look for it to open in mid- to late January.