At Roxy Restaurant, One Incredible Egg


You gotta break a few eggs to make an omelette, right? Not necessarily. On Roxy Restaurant and Bar’s Facebook page, there’s a picture of kitchen worker Patrick Cabaluna holding an ostrich egg that produced enough ham and cheese omelettes for the entire staff plus some of the restaurant’s regulars. Cabaluna bought the massive egg for $30 at Whole Foods, where he has a second job. “I told him to bring one in and I’d make a meal for everybody,” said sous chef David Perez, who used a hammer and chisel to crack the shell. One ostrich egg weighs about 3 pounds and is equivalent to about 28 chicken eggs. The taste, says Perez, is “much, much milder than a chicken egg—it’s a fresher, cleaner taste.” Want to see that amazing egg? Go to