An Asian Staycation at SF Supermarket


Sorely in need of a vacation this weekend (but lacking the finances or time), I headed to SF Supermarket in South Sacramento. This fascinating and well-patronized store carries an enormous array of Asian groceries and cookware, and wandering its cluttered aisles constitutes a foodie holiday. I usually start my visits by checking out the store’s extensive, intriguing assortment of fresh fish in the back, while trying to ignore the kids (and adults) who gleefully poke the live blue crabs stocked in cold bins (yes, their pincers hurt, so don’t try it). SF Supermarket is the only store I know of in the area that offers a complimentary deep-frying service, which transforms customers’ freshly-selected striped bass and tilapia into an instant meal. I also love walking through the teeming produce section – if you’re looking for a stinky durian fruit, Chinese long beans or stalks of lemon grass, this is the place to find ‘em. I traditionally end my visits to SF Supermarket by purchasing a gorgeous roasted duck (the staff will chop it into pieces for you with a scary-looking cleaver), which I then take home and pile on fresh corn tortillas with lots of homemade guacamole.

Located in Pacific Plaza, 6930 65th Street, Sacramento