Alice Waters' Edible Schoolyard Project . . . Coming to Sacramento?


In Kevin Johnson’s 20th Annual State of the City Address on Jan. 30, the Mayor stated that “we are working with Alice Waters to bring her Edible Schoolyard Project . . . to Sacramento,” to “test her ideas for school gardens, cooking classes and healthy eating.”

Thrilling news indeed, especially for the city’s foodies, small farm supporters and health-conscious folks. I just wish she’d open up a satellite of her iconic restaurant, Chez Panisse, here in town as well. I recently dined at the Berkeley restaurant, which I have patronized (and adored) since I was in high school.

The food was as exciting and inspired as always. I plowed my way happily through three of the kitchen’s dishes:

1.) Pizza topped with nettles (yes, nettles!), pine nuts and pecorino cheese

2.) Buttermilk-fried rabbit with rutabaga puree and black pepper gravy

3.) New potato, leek and cardoon salad with miners lettuce and black truffles

. . . and topped it all off with housemade caramel and candied coconut ice cream.

I look forward to hearing more about Alice’s (and the Mayor’s) plans for our beautiful city.

A full transcript of the Mayor’s speech can be viewed here: