A Tasty Reason to Drive Over the Causeway: Fat Face Pop + Food Shop


Last week I had a fantastic cola-braised pork sandwich, adorned with avocado salsa and queso fresco, at a very curious and endearing shop (if you can call it that) in Davis.

Fat Face Pop + Food Shop is in the warehousey section of Davis, far from the cute boutiques and popular little restaurants which dot the lushly treed downtown area. It’s really just a big production kitchen with a counter to serve customers, and owner Jaymes Luu has managed to squeeze in one communal table (which seats about 5 people), several milk cartons surrounded by chairs (that serves as a second table), and a teeny bench where you can perch with your food on your lap.

Luu got her start in Davis as an artisan popsicle-maker, selling her seasonally-inspired, chilly treats to enthusiastic fans at the Davis farmers market. As her business continued to expand, she rented a commercial kitchen to produce the popsicles – and discovered that the space also allowed her to offer retail sales. So she hung out a sign and started making fabulous sandwiches and soups for local foodies several days a week. I am thrilled about Fat Face, and plan to visit whenever I’m in town to grab one of Luu’s creative sandwiches (including the – no kidding – beer-poached fig sandwich with caramelized onion, arugula, and goat cheese) followed, of course, by one of her handmade popsicles.

Fat Face is a cash-only shop. Hours this fall are Wednesday, Thursday and Friday from 11am to 3pm.  You can also find Luu – and her popsicles – at the Davis farmers’ market every Saturday.

425 L street, suite C, Davis; www.fatfacedavis.com