A Recipe From Hawks Makes It Into Bon Appetit Mag


I just opened the September issue of Bon Appétit magazine and found a recipe from our own Hawks Restaurant in Granite Bay.

The recipe, for layered brownies with white-chocolate caramel and cacao nib gelato, is on page 100, in an article headlined “Desserts à la Mode.”

Owners Molly Hawk and Michael Fagnoni worked with the restaurant’s pastry chef to come up with the recipe, which was inspired by Fagnoni’s favorite candy bars (100 Grand and Snickers). On the restaurant menu, it’s called “The Hawks Bar.”

According to Hawk, the photo accompanying the recipe doesn’t really show the dish as it’s meant to be. In the picture, it looks like a brownie. At the restaurant, it’s a more refined, architectural dessert.

It’s been on the menu for about a year, and Hawk has no plans to remove it because it’s so popular. In fact, to celebrate the restaurant’s second anniversary this week, Hawks is serving a $50, five-course prix-fixe menu featuring the restaurant’s most popular dishes—sort of a Best of Hawks—that includes The Hawks Bar.