A Happy (and Caloric) New Year's Day


Last night wasn’t particularly exciting, but I’m planning a delicious and self-indulgent New Year’s Day. It started off with a long, lazy brunch at Roxy Restaurant and Bar, which dishes up some of the tastiest breakfast fare in the region. We plowed our way gratefully through the kitchen’s huevos rancheros and oh-so-naughty plate of cheddar biscuits, scrambled eggs and ancho sausage gravy (“that must’ve been at least 2,000 calories,” my husband groaned happily, pushing his clean plate away); and are planning to make homemade pasta tossed with fresh crabmeat for dinner (served up with pretty glasses of sparkling wine). There’s nothing better than a rainy day fashioned around great meals.

Happy New Year! May your 2010 abound with good fortune and wonderful food.