A Double-Bacon Day at Moaning Cavern Park


Sunday morning I packed a cooler-full of bacon, lettuce, tomato and turkey sandwiches and we headed out to Moaning Cavern Park for an adventurous afternoon. As soon as we got there, we uncapped the cold lemonade and proceeded to devour our sandwiches, savoring their juiciness and baconiness. We finished just in time to catch the 12:45pm walking tour – and it turned out to be a doozy. After clambering carefully down an 89 year-old circular staircase into the bowels of this magnificent cave, we saw stalactites and stalagmites, a 14-foot high rock-like pile of protected “remains” (unfortunate visitors, thousands of years ago, who took the “seven-second tour” of the cave – in other words, they fell in); and cave bacon. That’s right – there is a wave-like limestone formation that looks – if you squint really hard – like rashers of bacon. Other limestone formations pointed out to us by flashlight resembled E.T., Santa Claus, a lumpy elephant and a leering skull (but the bacon was the coolest). By the way, Moaning Cavern no longer moans – but you’ll have to visit to find out why.

For more information about Moaning Cavern Park, check out www.caverntours.com/MoCavRt.htm