5 Faves: Treats to Beat the Heat


It’s hot. Really hot. Here are five goodies guaranteed to invigorate your spirits (and your tummy).

India Pale Ale
Rubicon Brewing Company

Guzzle a pint of Rubicon’s cold, bitter, utterly refreshing India Pale Ale and the world will suddenly feel a lot cooler. Brewed with “generous portions” of Cascade and Chinook hops, this golden ale is one of the brewery’s most popular libations – especially when paired with the kitchen’s sinfully delicious Rubicon wings.
2004 Capitol Ave, Sacramento; (916) 448-7032; http://www.rubiconbrewing.com

Zang Yogurt
Mochii Yogurt

Cool your brain and revitalize your palate with Mochii’s zesty, tangy “Zang” frozen yogurt, made from unflavored, natural yogurt. Cleanly and brightly flavored (and not too sweet), this lively treat leaves no unctuous dairy residue in your mouth. It’s even better when sprinkled with a spoonful of granola.
1530 16th Street, Sacramento, (916) 441-2601; http://www.mochii.com

Squid Salad
Vientiane Restaurant
Forget about the sweltering Sacramento heat as you tuck into Vientiane’s vivacious squid salad, offering a mouth-jangling circus of flavors. Tossed with chili paste, ginger and chopped cilantro, this bracing menu item is an exciting treat for adventuresome diners.
1001 Jefferson Boulevard, West Sacramento, (916) 373-1556

Mud Pie on a Stick
Gunther’s Ice Cream

Shove your weight scale in the closet and head over to Gunther’s for a slice of mud pie on a stick. This indulgent treat boasts a crumbly, graham cracker crust, a dense layer of coffee ice cream, and a topping of sticky dark fudge. But that’s not all – the pie slice is then plunged in melted chocolate and re-frozen. Go ahead, you know you want it.
2801 Franklin Boulevard, Sacramento, (916) 457-6646; www.gunthersicecream.com

Roxy Chop Salad
Roxy Restaurant and Bar

Pleasingly bitter and intriguingly flavored, the chop salad at Roxy features finely chopped red radicchio, butter lettuce and fresh mint leaves tossed with just-barely-tender chickpeas, small chunks of cheddar cheese, and kalamata olives. Coated with a silky citrus vinaigrette, this unique salad is one of the most refreshing I’ve encountered in the region.
2381 Fair Oaks Boulevard, Sacramento, (916) 489-2000; http://www.roxyrestaurantandbar.com