5 Faves: Thai Dishes


The Sacramento region is home to a number of terrific Thai restaurants. Here’s five noteworthy dishes to try.

Roast Duck Curry
Ruen Thai

Treat yourself to Ruen’s roast duck curry, a dreamy and fragrant mélange of coconut milk, chili paste, chunks of tomato and pineapple and fresh basil leaves.
1470 Eureka Road, Roseville, (916) 774-1499; www.ruen-thai.net

Yum Nua
Chada Thai Cuisine

When it’s sweltering outside, make a run for Chada’s yum nua, an electrifying grilled beef salad tossed with lemongrass, bits of onion, mint leaves and coriander with spicy lime juice.
1624 Broadway, Sacramento, (916) 444-8909

Pad Gai
Taste of Thai

Savor Taste of Thai’s sensational wide, silky noodles called pad gai. Tossed with bits of chicken, egg, green onion and chopped Napa cabbage, they’re some of the best noodles in town.
1628 Broadway, Sacramento, (916) 444-5598; www.tasteofthaisac.com

Poe Taek
2K Thai Food

Want to wake up your palate? Order up a bowl of 2K’s vibrant poe taek, a hot and sour soup perfumed with ginger, galangal, lemon grass and kaffir lime leaves, and crammed with a tangle of seafood.
223 G Street, Davis, (530) 759-2255; www.2kthaifood.com

Thai Barbecued Chicken
PGR Thai Noodle

This melt-in-your-mouth tender chicken is marinated in coconut milk, garlic and pepper, then baked and grilled. Presented atop fluffy, egg-flecked fried rice, it’s a real winner.
3672 J Street, Sacramento, (916) 739-0694