Workshopping Up an Appetite


Masullo owner Robert Masullo spent years mastering the craft of making Neapolitan-style pizza. Now he and his sister-in-law, Jennifer Marnach, are bringing an assortment of other crafts to the Land Park restaurant’s newly opened back patio with the introduction of the Makers x Masullo dinner series. Inspired by salon-style social gatherings of centuries past, the concept brings creatives (and not-so-creatives) together to learn or hone extracurricular techniques ranging from traditional to trendy while wining and dining among bistro lights and the Delta breeze.

“We love the idea of the community gathering for meaningful meals connected with learning or trying something new,” says Marnach, who is also a staffer at craft-savvy Sunset magazine. “It’s also been incredibly inspiring to meet so many talented artists who generously want to teach and share their craft.”

The first event in May featured a bouquet-arranging workshop by Bloomers Floral Design, co-hosted by fashion and lifestyle blogger Alicia Lund. June’s installments highlighted Italian wine tasting with Skurnik Wines and a summer harvest event with East Sac Farms. Workshops in beekeeping, tart baking, gardening, indigo dyeing and floral art are also on the menu.

All Makers x Masullo events include workshop instruction and materials, multicourse dinner, wine and cool company, with groups ranging from 18 to 24 people per event. “We like the idea of keeping the events personal,” says Marnach. “This seems like the perfect number for guests to be able to connect with each other and the expert or host.” That means spots are limited and fill up fast, so follow @masullo_pizza on Instagram for up-to-date details. Then let the creative juices (and wine) flow.

What: Makers x Masullo
Where: Masullo Pizza, 2711 Riverside Blvd.
When: One to two times per month
How much: $75 (+/-), depending on type of workshop