Unseen Heroes Making a Scene


For the past few years, Maritza and Roshaun Davis—the creative masterminds behind the event planning outfit Unseen Heroes—have toiled behind the scenes to create some of Sacramento’s most talked about happenings: Good Street Food + Design Market, the artisan and food truck festival on Del Paso Boulevard; Gather Oak Park, the block-party celebration featuring local food and craft beer; and Display, a revolving pop-up shop in Oak Park featuring California-made goods. The Davises, who are business partners as well as husband and wife, met as students as Sacramento State and now work and live in Oak Park with their two young sons. We caught up with them recently to talk about Sacramento, what the future holds, and the pros and cons of working with one’s spouse. 

Go-to place for a night out 

Maritza: Hook & Ladder, Hot Italian. “We like to cook at home a lot, too.” 

Roshaun: Shoki Ramen House. “It’s my favorite place.” 

Favorite Sacramento-made product 

Maritza: “I’ve always been obsessed with Maya Kini’s jewelry. And I love the lighting and mobiles by Brian Schmitt.” Roshaun: Jams by The Good Stuff. Art by Jose Di Gregorio. “Maritza got me one of his pieces for Christmas.” Upside to running a business with your spouse 

Maritza: “You get to laugh together and challenge each other and enjoy prosperous times and good news together.” 

Roshaun: “That we’re accomplishing this together. It’s the true essence of building a life together.” 

Downside to running a business with your spouse 

Maritza: “When we don’t agree on something, you have to go home and suck it up. Thankfully we don’t really hold grudges.” 

Roshaun: “When there are arguments. Other people can separate their work and their personal life.” 

Opening or event you are most enthusiastic about 

Maritza: “Obviously the sports and entertainment center is going to be really interesting. I’m excited to see what it will do for our city.” 

Roshaun: “The entire creative zeitgeist that’s happening right now. People are lifting that chip off their shoulder. I’m excited by that love for where we are, that people aren’t walking away from Sacramento.” 

Pet name you would give Sacramento 

Roshaun: “The Little City That Could. We can be this great city. People underestimate us.”