Small Towns: Angels Camp

Here’s one from our series on small towns in the foothills, with some highlights from our visits.
main street angels camp
Main Street, Angels Camp

Famous for its association with Mark Twain’s short story “The Celebrated Jumping Frog of Calaveras County,” inspired by a tale he reportedly heard at the Angels Hotel in 1865, Angels Camp is also known as Frogtown. Explore the shops and restaurants in historic downtown—this is a busy Main Street, and the pandemic hasn’t completely stopped new business. Several new restaurants have opened in the past few months, and the boutiques and antiques stores have mostly stayed open.

flower power in angels camp

Flower Power—Much more than a florist, Blooms and Things graces a tucked-back corner off Main Street, and its bright storefront (complete with “flower zone” parking sign) teems with whimsical metalwork sculptures and an open roll-top door to the workshop.

turners wild west shop

Turners Wild West—Also known as the Western Wear Emporium, Turners stocks all your Western wear essentials: cowboy hats, boots, jeans (Wranglers, for sure), bandanas, belts with big buckles, knives, jewelry and plenty of Angels Camp merch.

Vino Metate Cafe—Spanish varietals at Vino Metate wine bar include albariño, Spanish cava (sparkling), tempranillo and Monastrell, and tapas choices could be soup (such as asparagus-leek); a grazing plate with Spanish cheeses, almonds and olives; wraps (the Cadiz has tuna, pepperoncini, shallots, celery, lettuce, pickles and aioli); or Spanish tortilla egg casserole (all made with veggies).

food from cascabel mexican restaurant in angels camp

Cascabel Mexican Restaurant—This mother-and-son-run restaurant brings inventive Mexican cuisine to Angels Camp, with menu items such as fried avocado with bacon-jalapeño aioli, chicken with green mole sauce and quesabirria (corn tortillas with cheese and goat meat).

Crafty Chicks—A stylish boutique packed with modern home décor, women’s clothing, cards, signs and bath and body items, Crafty Chicks is one of those little shops where you could stay all day. Every shelf or rack reveals something else sure to warm your home or your heart.

lemon tree bakery and coffee shop in angels camp

Lemon Tree Bakery & Coffee Shop—This inviting little yellow coffeehouse opened in October 2020 and serves bagels and toast with toppings (avocado, cream cheese, almond butter, bananas . . .), whole fruit smoothies with boosters such as fresh ginger and turmeric root, and—of course—coffee. Beans come from Gold Country Roasters. Breads come from Todd’s Bread in Murphys.

treats from the lemon bakery and coffee shop

Pickled Porch Cafe—Brand new, Pickled Porch Cafe dishes up sandwiches and salads in a house with a wraparound porch that’s perfect for pandemic dining. We happened by on grand opening day, and the line stretched out the door.

pickled porch cafe