Road Trip: Carmel With Kids

carmel beach

Since it is starting to heat up here in the Sacramento Valley, our family decided to cool off a bit last weekend. We headed southwest to beautiful Carmel Valley for a night.Ā We usually break up theĀ three-hourĀ drive by stopping at either theĀ Nut Tree PlazaĀ play area outside of Fentonā€™s in VacavilleĀ orĀ Coyote Hills Regional ParkĀ in Fremont so our -year-old twin boys can runĀ freeĀ for a bit.

On our way out of town this time, our boys were screaming at each other in the back seat, so I decided we all needed some ice cream to keep cool heads. We grabbed cones at one of our go-to spots in Folsom,Ā Handelā€™s Ice Cream. I have been on a vegan kick lately (makes me feel less guilty about global warming, plus I am an animal lover so I need to show solidarity),Ā so I had the dairy-free chocolate. Deliciousness.

When we arrived in Carmel, the boysĀ released some energy runningĀ atĀ Carmel Beach.Ā From there, we headedĀ up Ocean Avenue and stoppedĀ atĀ Thinker Toys, where the boys each picked out something to keep them busy during dinner at their momā€™s and my favorite Carmel restaurant,Ā La Bicyclette.

The next morning,Ā my wife and IĀ grabbed coffees and pastries atĀ Carmel Valley CoffeeĀ before taking the boys to theĀ Dennis the Menace playgroundĀ in Monterey on our way back home. Great coffee. Great playground. Everyone was happy. Until one of our boys pushed the other. Cool heads didnā€™t prevail, but . . . hey . . . we will always have Carmel.

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duck at carmel beach

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