Toy Story


The Toy, Game & Pop Culture Expo is growing for its sequel year.

The expo takes place June 9. Guests this year include Samantha Newark (“Jem,” “The Transformers,” “Hook”), Lynne Marie Stewart (“Peewee’s Playhouse”) and Zack Hoffman (“G.I. Joe”). This changes things up from last year’s show, which was both celebrity free and admission free. (This time the expo costs $10.)

“This year I wanted to take the next step up, to make it a bigger event,” says Will Louden, the show’s owner and promoter.

The expo also includes toy vendors and artists, as well as March Forth Games.

“It’s just another small show. It brings something a little different,” Louden says. “Some shows just focus on one guest, or toys or whatever; my show’s a little bit of everything. And I feel, at least for this year, what we’re bringing that’s a little bit different is a couple of the guests who have not come out to Sacramento in a long time, if ever.”

The Toy, Game & Pop Culture Expo takes place Saturday, June 9 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. at Carmichael Elks Lodge No. 2103, 5631 Cypress Ave., Carmichael. Cost: $10, kids younger than 10 are free. Learn more at