Tim Collom: My Workout


You may have seen his likeness on an East Sacramento billboard advertising his real estate business. Perhaps you bumped into him at midtown’s Tim Collom Gallery, where he displays his paintings and the art of others. Or maybe you spotted him sporting Lululemon Athletica workout wear in the company’s marketing materials. Yes, Tim Collom is everywhere all the time. He’s found an answer to staying sane while keeping busy: exercise. “Working out for me has been a huge part of my life, and fitness has been essential to my physical and mental well-being,” he claims. Let’s examine his regimen.

The gym: Fitness Rangers in East Sacramento

The drill: “I get bored easily, so I switch up my routines often with different challenges. I do boot camps, weight training and train in mixed martial arts workouts.”

The challenge: “Pushing my body past what it wants to do.” 

The frequency: Four to six times a week

The hour of day: Mainly in the mornings

The fun: “The treadmill, because I like sprints.”

The not so fun: Pull-ups and burpees

The benefit: “Staying active is critical for me to have a mental release from selling real estate and going 100 mph in my daily life.” 

What else? “My diet is fairly clean, with no fast food. But I love Mexican food!”

One more example of what happens when you are Tim Collom: “I love cold pressed juice, and I even have one named after me at Liquidology on 46th and H. It’s called Home Sweet Home, and it’s an apple cider.”