The 916: That '70s Listening Experience


Store: Dimple Records 

Location: 2433 Arden Way, 2500 16th St. and other locations 

Vibe: Relaxed, friendly service, plenty of breathing room 

Inventory: Expansive vinyl selection from Prince to Star Wars, plus 50-cent cassettes from artists like Willie Nelson and Tina Turner. 

Good to know: The Arden location offers more vinyl at nearby Dimple Books.


Store: Esoteric Records 

Location: 1139 Fulton Ave. 

Vibe: Cozy, like a single-room musical time capsule 

Inventory: Primarily oldies. Cassettes range from Frank Sinatra to Jethro Tull. Vinyl— 50-cent singles, pop, folk, country, comedy, progressive rock. 

Good to know: Turntables Unlimited is next door.


Store: Phono Select Records 

Location: 4370 24th St. 

Vibe: Underground, loaded with goods and authentically punk rock 

Inventory: Punk, metal, hip-hop and more—Exodus, Eazy-E, even Coldplay on vinyl. Cassettes include Joan Jett, local bands and $1 oldies. 

Good to know: You’ll also find pins, T-shirts and back patches. 


Store: Armadillo Music 

Location: 207 F St., Davis 

Vibe: Intimate, with a conversational staff; easy to feel at home 

Inventory: Used vinyl ranges from rap to Disney soundtracks. New releases include Adele, Green Day and Deftones. Cassettes are $1–$2. 

Good to know: Free membership card yields $10 store credit after 10 purchases of at least $10 each.