The 916: Let's Sit on the Porch


Here comes the Delta breeze, giving a little lift to your bangs on a summer evening. Enjoy it by sitting outdoors with good company, food and drink. Some favorite local porches and patios:

Kupros Craft House

1217 21st St.

This 1910 Craftsman house not only has a covered street-facing porch, but it’s midtown’s only bar with an upstairs balcony. The easiest way to catch the evening breeze is always from higher up.

LowBrau Bierhall

1050 20th St.

Stretching the length of a block at the MARRS building, the raised platform is more boardwalk than porch. Sycamore trees shade the space even on a hot afternoon, and busy crowds gather for cold beverages and great chatter.

Old Soul at The Weatherstone

812 21st St.

This beautiful historic brick building may actually be outdone by its enclosed, shady patio, complete with a trickling fountain. It’s a lively spot for caffeine or craft beer, and it hosts a varied bunch, from students to chess aficionados and canine companions.

R Street Corridor

Pretty much anywhere on R Street between 10th and 16th streets, you’ll find a worthy outdoor seat. From old staple Fox & Goose to late addition Iron Horse Tavern, with Shady Lady Saloon and Bottle & Barlow in between, the cocktails come on strong, and there’s very little road traffic to interrupt your chill.

The Virgin Sturgeon

1577 Garden Highway

Walk the jetway gangplank or boat in to have drinks on the floating deck at this Sacramento River establishment. It’s a little bit of dive bar, a little bit of restaurant, and a whole lot of view.