The 916: All Aboard


A local excursion train recently got an extreme makeover courtesy of a pair of interior designers. Penny Lorain and Jennifer May of Davis-based Lorain & May Design Associates overhauled the interiors of three historic cars for Sacramento RiverTrain, which offers drinks, dinner and entertainment excursions from West Sac to Woodland. The designers added new seating and tables and upgraded the cars’ ceilings, walls, floors and bathrooms. “It was a bit of a design challenge,” says Lorain. “You’re somewhat limited to layout when you’re working with a space that’s 9 feet wide by 75 feet long.” Another challenge: finding materials that both look historic and are able to withstand the bending and flexing of the train as it moves down the tracks. So for table tops, granite was out (too brittle), walnut-look Formica was in. The remodeled train, unveiled in April, is back in service, offering excursions such as sunset dinner tours, a beer train and a Great Train Robbery experience.