The 916: Aaron Curtin, Bike Valet


Why did you become a bike valet?

I’ve been in the cycling industry for 25 years, so bikes are a huge part of my life. Allowing someone the opportunity to ride their bikes to an event they want to go to is an indirect way to get people to ride their bike more. It gives them a reason to do it for themselves and it’s a good community builder. That’s why I took the job. It was a way for me to extend the idea of riding bikes to a group of people without being domineering. 

Is bike valet a fun job?

I like it a lot. It’s good for the environment and it’s good for your health. But I think the coolest part is being able to meet people with like-minded ideas.

Do you receive tips?

Yes and no. We don’t ever ask for or expect tips. The money that’s collected goes to SABA to help promote bicycle advocacy. 

What’s the nicest bike you ever valeted?

A race bike worth around $10,000 to $12,000. It was a full carbon race bike with electronic wireless shifters. It was the newest generation straight from Italy, the newest bike you could get.

What are your favorite events to work?

The Block by Block parties by the Crocker Art Museum. They’re in different neighborhoods in Sacramento. It’s a great way for people to experience the arts. One I’m looking the most forward to is when the Golden 1 Center is done. We’re looking to have a permanent spot for SABA’s bike valet out there so people can ride their bikes out to the arena.