Symphony Tips


When you think of a symphony, what comes to mind? Pretentious attitudes and a black tie dress code? Not at Folsom Lake Symphony, according to the president and founder, Bruce Woodbury. He gives his insight for classical music newcomers.

Are there ways to prepare for a concert?
You can look on our website to see the selections that are prepared for the evening and read some background on the composer and on the music and its history. you might even want to listen to different interpretations from orches- tras who have played it before.

Is there any symphony etiquette attendees should follow?
Some people choose to dress business casual, or some may choose to dress up. We ask attendees not to wear flip flops, and no cut-offs. you simply dress for the occasion that you are wanting to enjoy. as for clapping, the general rule is: at the end of the entire piece, when the conductor drops his arms to relax, that’s the cue that it’s the end of the en- tire music piece and to start clapping.

What makes symphonies unique from other forms of entertainment?
No matter how many cDs you buy and listen to over and over again, nothing can match a live performance, with all of the energy and talent that is brought to that single one moment, for your individual listening enjoyment.

Folsom Lake Symphony’s season opener, epic Victory, takes place Oct. 14.